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Indiepop blog posts from external feeds:
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Blam-A-Bit Records (Cloudberry @13-Oct-2017)
Mizu (Cloudberry @12-Oct-2017)
Super (Cloudberry @9-Oct-2017)
It's The Mick Trouble EP (Did Not Chart @8-Oct-2017)
Formica (Cloudberry @6-Oct-2017)
Dolly's Pillbox (Cloudberry @5-Oct-2017)
The Jaywalkers (Cloudberry @4-Oct-2017)
Mosaic Eyes (Cloudberry @2-Oct-2017)
Mope Grooves - Joy (Did Not Chart @29-Sep-2017)
Blossom Diary (Cloudberry @28-Sep-2017)
Isadora Flore (Cloudberry @25-Sep-2017)
Les Poissons Solubles (Cloudberry @21-Sep-2017)
Lu (Cloudberry @18-Sep-2017)
Television Personalities - Beautiful Despair (Did Not Chart @17-Sep-2017)
So She Said (Cloudberry @17-Sep-2017)
Sad Among Strangers (Cloudberry @16-Sep-2017)
The Chairs (Cloudberry @15-Sep-2017)
Serenaide (Cloudberry @14-Sep-2017)
Robotril (Cloudberry @11-Sep-2017)
Formica (Cloudberry @7-Sep-2017)
The Surfing Magazines interview (Did Not Chart @5-Sep-2017)
Hand Habits - Yr Heart (Did Not Chart @4-Sep-2017)
Soda Caffé (Cloudberry @4-Sep-2017)
The Exploding Budgies (Cloudberry @1-Sep-2017)
Catherine Wheel (Cloudberry @31-Aug-2017)
Marble Gods (Did Not Chart @30-Aug-2017)
So She Said (Cloudberry @30-Aug-2017)
Embellish (Cloudberry @28-Aug-2017)
Daydream Cycle (Cloudberry @24-Aug-2017)
Vinyl is too expensive (Did Not Chart @22-Aug-2017)
The Love Mushrooms (Cloudberry @22-Aug-2017)
Monsters of Doom (Cloudberry @21-Aug-2017)
The cassette comeback is over (for me) (Did Not Chart @20-Aug-2017)
The Jaywalkers (Cloudberry @18-Aug-2017)
The Honeys (Cloudberry @16-Aug-2017)
Southville (Cloudberry @14-Aug-2017)
Brenton Wood (Did Not Chart @12-Aug-2017)
Display Homes (Did Not Chart @11-Aug-2017)
The Honeys (Cloudberry @11-Aug-2017)
Tricycle Popstar (Cloudberry @10-Aug-2017)
Die Blinzelbeeren (Cloudberry @9-Aug-2017)
The Wild Indians (Cloudberry @7-Aug-2017)
The County Fathers (Cloudberry @5-Aug-2017)
Tricycle Popstar (Cloudberry @3-Aug-2017)
Cod Lovers (Cloudberry @31-Jul-2017)
The County Fathers (Cloudberry @29-Jul-2017)
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